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Here at SOAR we offer an array of different activites to challenge the minds and create a fun, stimulating learning atmosphere for all children. In the afternoons here at SOAR is where the magic begins. After snack time, which is included, we begin an array of fun activity stations. Here are some of the fun centers and activities we do here at SOAR:

Homework Help:
After school is the best time to work on homework and remember what they learned throughout the day. Our teachers are ready to help your child with their homework and give each child the attention they need to help them be successful. 



Science Station:
3...  2... 1... Launch! In our science station we help each child engage their minds into a learning adventure. By using a hands on approach, we engage in fun learning by answering the major questions using the Scientific Method.


Arts & Crafts Station:
Each child wil have the opportunity to put their imagination and creativity to the test. With many different materials, teachers will help to guide your child to create their own masterpieces.


Creation Station:
Each child can put their imagination to the test here at the creation station. With a variety of building materials and a little construction, we can make these materials come to life.


Imagination Station:
Here each child gets the chance to be whoever they want to be. Whether it's to be just like mom and dad, an astronaut, a pop star or to just have fun, this is the station that brings their imagination to life. 


Gaming Station:
Teamwork is key! in our gaming station, each child will have the opportunity to work together in teambuilding activities while having fun with games they love. We offer an array of board games, Ipad gaming and even an  XBox 360 for dancing and fun age approperiate gaming.  


Outdoor Adventures:
After school, every child needs to get out and have a little fun! The playground is just the place to let off a little steam and enjoy outdoor fun and recreation. Staff are always ready to engage in team building group games and ready to overcome gross motor obstacles.